1st School Chess Tournament organized at Marie-Amélie Leydet School


This Friday, June 15, from 13:30 p.m., will take place the 1st School Chess Tournament organized by Jeff Matthew at Marie-Amélie Leydet School, with the partnership of the USEP North Islands Association.

Question for young students: what is the link between math and chess? To solve a math problem in school, children should observe the data analyzed, which they do by reading the problem statement correctly and carefully. Then he must establish hypotheses, verify them, then plan his solutions and evaluate the probabilities. This is exactly what the young player will do to win the game: he will have to analyze the data and structure his thinking to develop an action plan.

Concentration works and develops. With the game of chess, the child searches, analyzes, develops, imagines, analyzes ... in short, he concentrates to gain, therefore works his concentration while playing.

The game of chess is an ideal learning tool for children because it develops, by playing, unconsciously the intellect, the personality and the strength of character.

Checkmate ! _AF

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