3 million euros in damage at Grand-Case airport


The day after Irma's passage, the Grand Case Espérance airport was operational despite some damage.

“If the building resisted, we had broken windows. The air conditioning no longer works in the departure lounge, we also have to redo the 3 km of peripheral fencing, the lighting, the electrical system of the entry and exit barriers in the car park. We have a total of 3 million damage ”, quotes Alain Russel, the president of Sesma, the operating company of the Grand Case airport. “We were able to be quickly operational because before Irma, we had removed all the electronic equipment from the control tower. Fortunately, otherwise they would have been damaged because the windows of the tower exploded. We were able to reconnect the equipment in the room on the lower floor, at the level of the fire station lookout, ”he continues.

Until September 23, the airport received only military planes and planes from regional companies requisitioned by the state. Today, Saint-Barth Commuter, Air Antilles and Air Caraïbes each carry out between three and four flights per day between Saint-Barth and Guadeloupe respectively.

(Source: www.soualigapost.com)

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