Rotary Club of Saint-Martin Nord: A donation campaign launched for the benefit of the Bahamas


At the beginning of September 2019, cyclone Dorian of category 5 had a severe impact on the Bahamas, and in particular Grand Bahama and the Abaco Islands.

The Rotary-Club of Saint Martin Nord wishing to come to the aid of these neighboring islands has set up an online donation campaign for the benefit of these populations in distress, in addition to the emergency action already undertaken in coordination with the 6 other clubs in our region (Anguilla, St-Barth & Sint-Maarten). Given the difficulties in terms of logistics as the delivery of materials and food, which our island experienced following the passage of Irma in September 2017, Rotary opted for a collection of cash donations.

You can now make a donation, from 10 to 1 euros directly on the club's website, with payment by PayPal or bank card ( or by check addressed to our postal address (Rotary-club of Saint-Martin Nord, BP 000, Marigot, 1177 97 Saint-Martin, French Antilles) specifying on the back the allocation of your donation and your contact details for acknowledgment of receipt.

About Rotary

Rotary brings together a global network of supportive decision-makers who are dedicated to addressing the most pressing humanitarian challenges on the planet. Rotary has more than 1,2 million members worldwide in more than 35 Rotary clubs.

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