4 minutes for 1 life: the importance of the defibrillator


As part of her training for the State Diploma of Youth, Popular Education and Sport - Development of projects, Territories and Networks (DE JEPS DTR) set up by the Collectivity, Géraldine Magnat will present her project "4 minutes for 1 life” at the Fête de la Mer this weekend in Grand-Case.

Supported by the AFPS978 association chaired by Arnaud Bourdier, Géraldine Magnat has decided to raise awareness among the Saint-Martin population of the vital usefulness and use of defibrillators. Following the lack of information on the simple use and location of the defibrillators, Géraldine carried out, as part of her CREPS/Greta training, an unprecedented census of the defibrillators on the territory, namely sixty of which 47 are in perfect condition. of operation but which are unfortunately not permanently accessible. With areas without defibrillators such as Cul-de-Sac, Nettle Bay, Sandy Ground or Saint James, it is all the more necessary to know exactly where to find one of these life-saving devices. The geolocation of defibrillators on Saint-Martin is now available via the Staying Alive application, to be downloaded on a smartphone. Application that also alerts a "good Samaritan", a person trained in first aid in the event of cardiac arrest nearby. Géraldine and the AFPS 978 association will be present at the Fête de la Mer on June 17 and 18 in Grand-Case to inform the public about the use of a defibrillator around workshops on the right actions to take to save Lives. Géraldine's project is strongly supported by the prefecture, the Collectivity and the Tourist Office. The most important wealth is health. _VX

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