51 new baccalaureate holders receive a grant from the SEMSAMAR Solidarités foundation


The SEMSAMAR Solidarités Foundation presented its scholarships on Monday, August 27, 2018 at 9:30 a.m. in the presence of the President of the SEMSAMAR Solidarités Foundation, Annette Philips, as well as the Director General of SEMSAMAR, Marie-Paule Bélénus Romana.

The purpose of the SEMSAMAR Solidarités Foundation scholarship is to provide young graduates who are starting their studies with financial assistance to help them settle in the best possible conditions. The Foundation also rewards the excellence path of certain young students, especially those to whom it has already awarded a scholarship before.

Thus, this year, 51 scholarships were awarded to new graduates for a total amount of 90 euros, 000% more than in 20, to take into account the difficulties encountered by certain families after the passage of Hurricane Irma. . Baccalaureate holders who leave to study in mainland France receive 2017 euros, while those who stay in Saint-Martin or in the Antilles region and therefore have less fees, obtain a scholarship of 2000 euros. The Foundation had received 1000 requests and therefore had to combine merit and social criteria to select the beneficiaries.

"Do not doubt your potential, know that it will not be easy but believe in yourself and do not lose sight of what you have set out to do. We are counting on you to make Saint Martin shine tomorrow ”, said Anette Philips, president of the Semsamar foundation, addressing future students and parents who came in place of their children when they already left the island. . "Saint-Martin is counting on you," added Marie-Paule Bélénus Romana. "Give us your news, do not hesitate to tell us about your difficulties and to use us for your internships or professionalization contracts" added Anette Philips.

Karen Kelly Mamie, in charge of the SEM TA ROUTE association, reminded the scholarship holders that they were required to give their news to SEMSAMAR, in order to talk about their feelings, their studies and their possible difficulties. "It is an obligation enshrined in the convention that you sign," she explained to them. Thanks to this monitoring, SEMSAMAR can renew the scholarship to students who have requested it and whose path justifies it. Thus, this year a dozen of them will again receive this boost from Semsamar. (More details on www.soualigapost.com)


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