5th INTERREG Caribbean Selection Committee: President Gibbs wishes to create an Interreg reconstruction axis!


President Daniel Gibbs who chaired the 5th Interreg Selection Committee, in accordance with the principle of geographical rotation of committees, recalled the objectives of the program of this cooperation program, which must meet the issues and challenges of the countries and territories in the area, notably through the financing of structuring projects.

During his speech, President Gibbs expressed the wish to see the creation within the Interreg program, an axis specially dedicated to reconstruction, driven by 95% co-financing rate. This axis would allow the Collectivity of Saint-Martin, in particular, and its partners, to promote projects in favor of the treatment and recovery of waste, the reinstallation of a CROSS antenna for navigation at sea and the implementation of a resilient Data Center. Another flagship project mentioned by the president of Saint-Martin: the promotion of projects in favor of renewable energies and adaptation to climate change, like the geothermal and digital interconnection hub of the Leewards Islands in progress.

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