6th edition of Art en Fête: Africa in the spotlight!


At the initiative of the services of the National Education of the Northern Islands, the 6th edition of Art en Fête is being held throughout the month of May, this year devoted to Africa. The official inauguration is scheduled for Monday, May 17 at the Lycée Professionnel des Iles du Nord.

The opportunity for the pupils of the various schools of the island to make known Africa of today by its geography, its history and its culture through exhibitions and several events.

  The program :

• Monday May 17th at 16pm: official inauguration of L'art en fête 2021 at the Lycée professionnel des Iles du Nord

• From May 17 to May 21: Permanent exhibition of the achievements of the students of Saint-Martin, Africa put in the spotlight through various events at the Professional Lycée des Iles du Nord

• Wednesday May 19 at 9 am: Videoconference with the Beninese slammer, Djaho TOUSSAINT at the College Mont des Accords

• Wednesday May 19 and Friday May 21: Lecture, music, song, dance and visual arts in honor of Africa at the Lycée Robert Weinum

• Thursday May 20 at 9 am: Collaborative show by the Mont des Accords college and the Hervé Williams and Émile Choisy schools at the Mont des Accords College

• Friday May 21 at 19 p.m .: “Disney” musical by the students of Soualiga College La Chapelle Theater in Orient Bay

• Saturday May 22 at 19 p.m .: A play "Africa under all its seams" by the students of the Soualiga college at the La Chapelle Theater in Orient Bay

• Monday May 31 at 19 p.m .: Class concert at arranged times Music (CHAM), Presentation of the film The talents of national education personnel on the Galisbay car park

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