Accident: Truck overturned between Mont Vernon and Quartier d’Orléans


On Saturday September 16, a truck overturned on the RN7 at the hill between Mont Vernon and Quartier d'Orléans. The incident caused some traffic disruptions.

In the middle of the morning, a truck which was traveling from Mont Vernon towards a garage located in Quartier d'Orléans veered to its left for reasons still undetermined at this stage of the investigation. During this maneuver, the vehicle hit a stone and overturned on the roadway, going down the hill leading to Quartier d'Orléans. Traffic was alternated by gendarmerie officers until the road was clear. According to the police, the state of health of the driver who could suffer minor injuries will have to be confirmed by the results of the examinations. Traffic between Mont Vernon and Quartier d'Orléans was restored at the end of the morning. _VX

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