Welcoming foreign travelers to Saint-Martin: explanations from the Prefecture


The conditions of entry into the national territory, including the French part of Saint-Martin, by air and sea are conditional for some travelers - coming from the United States * - on the presentation of a PCR test less than 72 hours**.

To date, the health protocol put in place by the Sint Maarten authorities makes it possible to welcome travelers at Juliana international airport with a PCR test carried out 120 hours in advance.

In this context, the procedure for the arrival of travelers via the Dutch part does not meet national regulations whose purpose is to ensure maximum health security, indicates the prefecture.

The work carried out by the Regional Health Agency with the authorities of Sint Maarten is continuing to arrive at a common health protocol making it possible to consider the reception of foreign travelers in the French part of the island in compliance with health measures.

* From the following countries: South Africa; Bahrain; United Arab Emirates ; United States ; Iran; Lebanon; Panama; Russia; Ukraine; Algeria; China: Ecuador; Iraq; Israel; Morocco ; DRC; Turkey ; Zimbabwe.

** except countries for which no test is required (Member States of the European Union and the following countries: Great Britain; Norway; Australia; Singapore; Thailand; Iceland; Switzerland; Japan; Rwanda; South Korea) .

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