Juliana Airport: Phase 2 of reconstruction is expected to start at the end of the month


Juliana Airport is preparing to launch a $ 107 million renovation program, management announces. And that "despite the crisis due to covid-19".

Phase 2 of the reconstruction of the terminal damaged by the passage of Irma, is to begin this month; it consists of the elimination of mold, decontamination, dismantling of the structure and the evacuation of waste. This work should start at the end of September and end in January. Reconstruction will then begin in April 2021; acceptance of the new terminal is scheduled for February 2023.

Management indicates that it has completed the financial package for the site and is in the process of finalizing the calls for tenders in order to be able to sign the contracts and start the work by the end of the month. “Since there is a shortage of work due to covid-19, we hope it works in our favor, allowing more contractors to be readily available for the renovation project,” she says.

“SXM Airport will be one of the largest and most modern terminals in the region, with a new executive lounge, state-of-the-art baggage systems, hurricane doors, escalators additional, improved public facilities and new technologies to improve security control, ”comments the management. Improvements will also be made in the checked baggage and check-in areas as well as in the departure hall with passenger boarding bridges (PBB).

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