Raymond's case: Father and daughter sued


The operator and his daughter of the beach bar / restaurant in Baie Rouge were notified Monday evening of a summons to court for November 15 at 8:30 am at the detached room of Saint-Martin, announces the parquet floor in a press release. 

The father is being prosecuted for construction without a permit, in the prohibited area of ​​the POS and highly constrained area of ​​the PPRN (urban planning services report on February 26), and with his daughter for concealed work and operating a drinking establishment without Licence.

"This second operation of the COPOLENU of the Northern Islands is part of a list of objectives being processed, on the basis of priorities identified during regular meetings between all the partners since November 2017 and of findings of illegal situations in the context of reconstruction, by the town planning services, the DEAL and the gendarmerie in particular, ”explains the prosecution.

Criminal proceedings and the seizure of operating equipment will be incurred in the absence of regularization or cessation of activity (if regularization is not possible) after warning.

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