Corruption case in the service of foreigners: the three main protagonists convicted


In this corruption case, the Saint-Martin criminal court delivered its deliberations yesterday morning.

Against the main defendant, the court requested a final ban on exercising a professional or social activity related to the offense, ineligibility for five years and a fine of 10 euros. He is accused of having accepted bribes in return for processing applications for residence permit receipts, documents which were granted to the applicants. 

The second main defendant, NBL, was sentenced to eighteen months in prison and a fine of 5 euros. He was the intermediary between people wishing to obtain a residence permit and the agent in the prefecture; he was also the one who collected the money. EJ and NBL were also ordered to pay jointly and severally 000 euros to the civil parties and 500 euros under Article 1-500 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (attorney's fees). A third person, JM, a woman from the Dominican Republic, prosecuted for active corruption, was sentenced to two months in prison with a suspended sentence and a fine of 475 euros, including 1 euros suspended. As for the people who had paid to obtain a receipt or residence permit, they were accused of active corruption but were acquitted by the court. 

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