AGRICULTURE / Agri-Networking: from farm to fork


The CCISM can rejoice in the unprecedented success of the Agri-Networking event which took place on September 20, 21 and 22. The inaugural conference alone had more than seventy participants.

During her speech, Angèle Dormoy, president of the CCISM and in her capacity as president of the Chamber of Agriculture of Saint-Martin, highlighted the agricultural wealth of the territory and the challenges that local farmers face, including changes major climatic conditions. Agriculture is partly responsible, with 37% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, but it constitutes an essential lever for action to minimize these changes. The agricultural sector must adapt, innovate and reinvent itself to ensure the sustainability of food production. For the prefect Vincent Berton, in a territory with 98% of food from outside exposed to inflation and the carbon footprint, agriculture is at the heart of all the challenges and the sector receives support from the 'State. The 1st vice-president of the COM, Alain Richardson, highlighted the difficulties of competition, drought and lack of water while emphasizing the resilience and determination of local farmers to develop the subsidiary, as well as the desire of the Community to implement aid schemes such as Green Up for professionals in the sector. The theme of Agri-Networking made it possible to instill innovative designs which will certainly be fueled by the trip of a delegation at the end of October to the seminar “Overseas agriculture facing climate change overseas”, organized by the Chamber of Agriculture France and ODEADOM which will bring together overseas stakeholders. Jean-Marc Blazy, research director at INRAE ​​and expert in agroecology from Guadeloupe, presented climate projections and the impacts on agriculture at the conference. The latter recommends climate-smart agriculture by combining agroecology and bio-economy and by associating plants and animals together. With the two-hectare Guadeloupean micro-farm, Karusmart, which also serves as a training site, Jean-Marc Blazy detailed the solutions proposed for dynamic, diversified and profitable agriculture (€30.000 gross income). He was then joined by Guy Anaïs, expert on Saint-Martin agricultural land, to answer questions from the public. Bringing together around fifty additional people, the workshop and information sessions on various themes such as taxation and the agricultural social security system made it possible to clarify crucial questions for farmers. _VX

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