AGRICULTURE / Caribbean Food Crops Society: Saint-Martin will organize the meeting in 2025


Last July, Tracy Laville, communications officer for the Local Mission, and Guy Anaïs, active member of the CCISM, went to Grenada to attend the gathering of the Caribbean Food Crops Society (CFCS). An important action for Maggy Gumbs, director of the Local Mission and representative of the French Antilles of the CFCS, who wanted to immerse her staff for the occasion.

The Carribean Food Crops Society is a non-profit organization that is not affiliated with any public or private institution that promotes communication between people capable of contributing to the development of science, technology and production of food crops and animals in the countries of the Caribbean basin. The objectives of the CFS are to advance and promote the production, processing and distribution of Caribbean foods in all their aspects, in order to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants. The 56th CFCS Gathering took place in Grenada in collaboration with the Caribbean Agricultural Extension Providers Network (CAEPNet). This year’s theme was “Increasing the Resilience of Food Systems in the Caribbean by Connecting and Modernizing Agricultural Extension and Research.” A theme born from the observation that many Caribbean islands depend mainly on imports. The Covid crisis and natural disasters have demonstrated over the years the limit of dependence. It is urgent that the islands find lasting solutions to ensure a certain self-sufficiency. The event was also an opportunity for the CFCS to present Guy Anaïs with the emeritus member award, having been an active member of the organization for 53 years.

It is an honor both for the CCISM and for our territory. In 2025, the Community of Saint-Martin, in partnership with the CCISM and the Local Mission, will welcome representatives from the different islands for the CFCS. The theme will be “the integration of young people through green growth”. 2025 promises a great opportunity for all stakeholders in agriculture and young people to ensure transmission. _VX

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