AGRICULTURE: Emmanuel Macron brings together stakeholders from the agricultural world in Overseas France


On the sidelines of the 60th International Agricultural Show (SIA), the President of the Republic brought together stakeholders from the overseas agricultural world at the Élysée. On this occasion, he recalled that the strength of French food sovereignty passes as much through France as through the Overseas Territories, which are sometimes faced with even greater challenges.

In addition to his announcements during his visit to the SIA on mirror clauses, simplification, European mobilization, the remuneration of breeders and agricultural particularities, the President of the Republic insisted on three major issues for our overseas territories. First, in the face of climatic hazards and disasters, it is fundamental to better protect overseas farms and agricultural models. To facilitate current compensation schemes, relief fund credits have been increased by 20% in recent years. But to go even further, in order to better cover risks and broaden our protection system, the President of the Republic announced that risk management in overseas territories will be strengthened for overseas operators. Then, to produce more and better, we must renew generations of farmers and strengthen the attractiveness of professions. The agricultural orientation bill, which will be submitted to the Council of Ministers in March, will address this issue with measures to facilitate the installation of farmers and the transfer of farms. Concrete solutions such as the construction of a new agricultural high school in New Caledonia (La Foa) and assistance for the installation of young farmers must be identified and deployed in all territories, taking into account local specificities to achieve our objectives. .

Finally, to strengthen the productive force of our territories and achieve agricultural sovereignty, the food sovereignty and autonomy plans which have been developed in the five overseas departments and regions during the year 2023 must be carried out. Oh good. To accelerate their deployment, the State increased the credits allocated to this objective from €45M to €60M as part of the PLF 2024. This effort to finance food autonomy plans, distributed between the sectors and the State, will be pursued through an in-depth reform of financing systems. At the same time, to support the small farms most in difficulty, the President announced cash flow support for farms via banking establishments and, for banana growers, cash flow aid via a new envelope of €11 million.


Offices agricultural establishments in support of farmers

In accordance with the request of the President of the Republic to deal quickly and locally with the difficulties that the agricultural world may encounter, “agricultural hotlines” have been set up since February 28, 2024 in Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy.

They are open to all farmers and aim to provide personalized support, as well as an exchange on any difficulties their farm may encounter. These offices will be run by the Directorate of Food, Agriculture and Forestry (DAAF) and may involve other services or administrations if necessary.

Farmers who wish to access these hotlines can make an appointment:

• by telephone at 05 90 52 30 50;

• by email to

• by going to the prefecture reception:

– for Saint-Martin: 23 rue de Spring in Concordia;

– for Saint-Barthélemy: 8 rue Lubin Brin in Gustavia.

They will be offered an appointment as soon as possible. Prefect Vincent Berton reaffirms his support for the agricultural profession on our islands, which is committed to local development and access to healthy, local food. The State is fully mobilized to support the profession, in conjunction with communities and consular chambers.


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