Air Antilles: the COM and EDEIS candidates for a partial takeover of the airline


By choosing to position itself on the partial takeover of the Air Antilles company in partnership with the EDEIS group, the Collectivity of Saint-Martin wishes to ensure the operation of a service essential to the economic and tourist activity of the Antilles and the territory.

By way of a press release released on September 5, the COM specifies that it is in a constant quest for innovation and excellence with the wish to be part of an ambitious logic of development through a profitable interregional airline model, allowing to apply its vision against the high cost of living while promoting territorial continuity and access to local employment. With a financial management plan developed with experts in the field of aviation, the economy and Caribbean cooperation, the partial takeover offer from Air Antilles which concerns aircraft in the fleet and the safeguard of approximately 80 jobs was therefore filed with the commercial court. As a reminder, the closing of offers to take over Air Antilles placed in compulsory liquidation was September 1, 2023. “Our involvement is already total to make the rebirth of Air Antilles a success in the service of Saint-Martin and the region », declares Jean-Luc Schnoebelen, president of EDEIS, expert group in the field in charge of the airport of Grand-Case. Through this public-private recovery project, the priority for the Community will be to manage to offer tickets at reasonable prices, between the islands of the French Caribbean as a priority, for obvious considerations of territorial continuity. It will also be a question of being able to offer socio-professionals alternative air freight offers for the transport of goods and merchandise so that Saint-Martin consumers no longer have to suffer as much from the high cost of living, accentuated by certain positions of monopoly on freight. For Louis Mussington, president of the COM, this offer ambitiously projects Saint-Martin towards the future: “The challenges of this territory, both strategic from a geopolitical and economic point of view, and highly international, require us to do so. , as well as the daily needs of our population.

This recovery project is a real opportunity for empowerment and economic empowerment for the children, women and men of Saint-Martin. If our offer is accepted, they will be able, among other things, to take advantage of the opportunities that will emerge from the airline sector”. At present, five potential buyers are considered serious candidates: three private and two public, including the COM of Guyana, which intends to have its own airline, and the COM of Saint-Martin. The commercial court will analyze the offers and decide on September 21, 2023. _VX

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