Air Caraïbes has an 80% occupancy rate between Paris and Juliana


Air Caraïbes was the first company to reopen the line between Sint Maarten-Juliana / Paris Orly on Saturday October 28.

"It was a real bet because we had no idea of ​​the number of passengers we were going to have," says Olivier Besnard, director general of the Air Caribbean regional hub. The bet is finally successful because the average occupancy rate of the Airbus 330-200 with a capacity of 315 seats, is 80%. "We counted 290 passengers on the first flight on October 28," said the director. Or a filling rate of 92%. Regional flights between Pointe-à-Pitre and Grand Case were also in high demand. "We had some days between forty and fifty passengers in transit," comments Olivier Besnard. "Our clientele has changed, however, we no longer transport tourists but experts, returning residents, their relatives, etc.", he points out. (Source:

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