Health alert and withdrawal of Buitoni brand Fraîch'Up pizzas after detection of E.Coli bacteria in a dough


The Prefecture informs the population of an important health alert being investigated by Santé Publique France. The pizzas of the Buitoni brand Fraîch'Up range could indeed contain the E.coli bacterium responsible for serious cases of hemolytic and uremic syndromes in children, two of whom have died since the beginning of the year in France.

Very dangerous, the bacterium Escherichi coli or E.coli could have contaminated the pizzas of the Fraîch'Up range from Buitoni. Since the beginning of the year, around twenty cases of haemolytic and uraemic syndromes have been identified in France in children and around thirty are under investigation. Two deaths have been confirmed by authorities  sanitary. “As part of the investigations carried out by the authorities on the cases of severe haemolytic and uraemic syndromes reported since January 1, 2022 on national territory, the analyzes (epidemiological, microbiological and traceability) carried out suggest, at this stage, a possible link with the consumption of frozen pizzas from the Fraîch'Up range of the Buitoni brand" informs the DGCCRF on March 18. Investigations are continuing to determine the origin of the contamination, including for other products, as well as epidemiological investigations in order to establish potential links with all the cases detected on the territory since the beginning of January 2022.

What products are recalled?

As a precautionary measure, and pending further analyses, the company has proceeded with the withdrawal-recall of all the pizzas in the Fraîch'Up range, of the Buitoni brand: Fraîch'Up 4 cheeses, Fraîch' Up Royale, Fraîch'Up Chicken, Fraîch'Up Bolognese, Fraîch'Up Reine blanche, Fraîch'Up 3 meats,…

What symptoms should alert?

People who, within 3-4 days after consuming the above products (10 days maximum), experience diarrhoea, abdominal pain or vomiting, are invited to consult their doctor as soon as possible.

Consumers who purchased Fraîch'Up frozen pizzas before the end of March 2022 are asked to:

• Do not consume them

• Take a photo of the packaging with the product references in order to obtain a refund by contacting consumer service on 0800 22 32 42 (free service and call),

• Discard the products._AF

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