Annick Girardin: “the imperative is also to rebuild while taking climate change into account”


This Wednesday was held the general assembly of Fedom, the federation of the companies of the DOM. A tribute to the West Indies affected by Irma and Maria was paid. 

“The economies of these territories have been severely affected. Everything must be done to return to normal within a few months: electricity, water, health, educational and social infrastructure, housing, roads, communication and of course all businesses. Last week, the reopening of a shopping center in Saint-Martin was perceived by the population as a signal of hope, "said the Minister of Overseas. “The imperative is also to rebuild while taking climate change into account. Sustainable development is already considering geographic specificities with a rational use of resources. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals should guide a new economic model that does not turn its back on businesses, on the contrary: it reconciles growth, innovation, responsibility and the end of inequalities, ”she said.

The president of the COM, Daniel Gibbs, was also present at the general assembly. He drew up an initial assessment of the damage and estimated it at 3,5 billion euros.


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