Annick Petrus: "I feel in my place"


Two hours after having obtained the referral of her trial by the local court of Saint-Martin, Annick Petrus held her first press conference as a senator; the objective was to present an assessment of his first three months of mandate.

She recalled that she officially took office on October 1, that she is seated in place 267 in the hemicycle and that she has joined the political group Les Républicains - "it's a choice and I assume it, I explained the reasons on the radio, ”she said. She is part of the social affairs committee and is vice-president of the overseas delegation. She has also joined three friendship groups: France the Netherlands, "you understand why", France Caribbean and France West Africa "because I have special ties with Africa", she explained. .

Annick Petrus enumerated to the media the files which it had seized. In February, it will submit an amendment within the framework of the so-called 4D bill (for decentralization, deconcentration, differentiation and decomplexification), aimed at modifying the organic law governing the COM and including the creation of a rescue center specific to Saint -Martin; To this day, the SDIS still depends on that of Guadeloupe via an agreement. It has already tabled another amendment in the finance bill in order to increase the tax credit rate for companies that exempt from taxation to 59%.

The senator also wants to bring the project to build a territorial house of autonomy for the elderly and disabled.

Annick Petrus also mentioned in Paris the installation of a local mission and the question of the demonetization of the RSA with the Minister of Overseas France in order to see how this reform can be implemented in the territory.

In Saint-Martin, she met the presidents of the CESC, the CCISM, the COM with whom she wishes to work together as well as with the deputy.

Here are in essence the main issues on which the new parliamentarian has been working since her election. “My personal feeling is that I feel efficient on another level. I feel in my place, ”she confided. (


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