After the Scoobi Too, the Solana is also in the rocks at Anse Marcel


At the end of the day Tuesday, March 14, the Solana mooring dropped. Since then, the boat is still in the rocks at Anse Marcel, like the Scoobi Too last February. The SNSM intervened after a local resident called Gilles Dubroca, the boss of the SNSM, around 19 p.m. “We are thinking of a break in the anchorage. We tried to take it out with the Rescue Star for 1h-1h30, without success, yet we have two big engines of 275 CV ”he reports. He then took responsibility with CROSS Antilles Guyane to bring in the Rescue II of the Sint Maarten rescuers, who took at least an hour to arrive from Philipsburg. "Once the Rescue II was there, we tried to shoot it five times and it barely moved," continues Gilles Dubroca.

The fourth time, the lifesaver broke. "Around half past midnight, we had to stop because we were killing our boats," he explains.

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