Like the Media Library, the Territorial Archives are experiencing a malfunction of the air conditioning system. The interventions carried out have shown the need to replace a sensitive and highly technical defective part which is currently being manufactured. The general air conditioning system has, moreover, shown regular failures; to find lasting solutions to these dysfunctions, the local authority decided to carry out a complete audit of the air conditioning system and the building's electrical system.

Modification of the mediation activities of the Territorial Archives

Until further notice, the conditions not being met for a good reception of users during conferences or workshops with schoolchildren, these activities are postponed until the air conditioning is restored.

The Heritage Days (September 17 and 18, 2016) at the Territorial Archives where guided tours are offered to visit the archive stores and show exceptional documents entered during the year, are thus postponed and an event of this type will be organized later .

Opening of the research room: no change

The research room of the Territorial Archives remains open to the public at its usual times, from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 13 p.m.

The impact of the lack of air conditioning on the preservation of the preserved archives lies in the access and communication of certain documents. Indeed, in order to preserve the archives of degradations induced by a change of climate in the stores (relative humidity and temperature), access to the stores is prohibited to avoid sudden changes in storage conditions and contain the rise in temperatures and relative humidity in the air, factors for the development of mold, the consequences of which are irreversible on the legibility of the archives and the maintenance of the media. Until further notice, only the civil status registers are accessible for communication. Genealogical research and birth certificates, for example, can thus be consulted in the research room of the Territorial Archives.

NB : It should be noted that there is no ideal temperature to respect. If standards have been enacted in recent years, it should also be noted that these standards are benchmarks with which it is necessary to compose, in particular according to the chemical analysis of the papers, inks, external climate, pre-existing degradations of the documents. , etc. These standards also apply to the northern European climate and hardly to the Caribbean climate. The relative humidity and the ideal storage temperature are therefore assessed with real expertise and by archival professionals according to different criteria and by measuring the interactions between them (chemical in particular).

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