ART: 950 students, budding artists, exhibit their works in the COM hall


As part of the 2rd edition of the Festival Langues Arts & Culture, from Tuesday 2 to Friday 12 May 2023, the constituency of the Northern Islands proposed two plastic projects: “Point trait! and “ARCHID3D”.

These interdisciplinary projects mobilized more than 50 classes from kindergarten to CM2 from all the schools on the island, ie more than 950 students.

These initiatives have enabled students, teachers and the Ariana Association for MIX'ART, in collaboration with visual artists, Nicola Espa, Hajdar M'bah and Jimmy Sabas "MASH", to work around the point, the line, line, forms and to create traditional or futuristic Creole boxes all in volume, to show original and extraordinary works.

These works are exhibited in the hall of the Collectivity of Saint-Martin.

The opportunity for the public to come and discover these beautiful works illustrated by young students!


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