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The artist Florence Poirier-Nkpa will participate in the first exhibition of a series entitled "Horizons Telluriques" organized by Concept'Art and the Departmental Council of Guadeloupe. The opening will take place at Sainte-Rose at Habitation la Ramée on October 18 at 18 p.m. and the works will be exhibited there until October 30.

"Earth horizons": Five artists, five places

The five selected artists will each present a work on the theme "Telluric Horizons" proposed by the Concept'Art gallery during a series of exhibitions, to be held in Guadeloupe from October 2018 to June 2019.

In parallel, each stage of this traveling exhibition will be an opportunity to zoom in on the practice of one of the artists.

It will be the artist Denis Ninine who will be in the spotlight from October 18 to 30, the upcoming artists are: Florence Poirier-Nkpa, Micheline Souprayen, Jérome Sainte-Luce and François Piquet.

With the aim of promoting Caribbean creation, Concept'Art also wishes to raise awareness of the artist's notions of touch and trace. In addition to being open to the general public, the exhibition incorporates an educational approach aimed at a school audience.


Artist's approach

As part of the "Horizons Telluriques" exhibition, Florence Poirier-Nkpa produced a kit work of 2m30x2m30. “For this work, I chose oil painting which differs from my usual technique which is more oriented towards collage. Explains Florence Poirier-Nkpa. This work is the fruit of a reflection on the possibility of a horizon comparable to a line leading to a target that represents the goals that everyone, as a human being, seeks to achieve before the end.

The artist's universe will be highlighted during a stage of the exhibition scheduled for 2019. “It will then be a work on the notion of meeting and self-discovery through the other ( and vice versa). This is why I work a lot on the portrait and wonder about the look of the other. ”

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