ARTISANAL: French Natural Soap, where soap rhymes with passion


The royal marina of Marigot still has some pretty treasures within it, with among others the French Natural Soap boutique which offers scents that leave you dreaming.

When you walk through the store door, the beauty of the place and the thousand and one colors instantly jump out… until the smell takes over the blocks of soap on display. Rest assured, those who know little about the subject, Jean-Charles, owner of the store, is passionate about what he does and the products he offers. He will guide you, advise you and will be happy to tell the story of each product. French Natural Soap is a family company that has lasted for almost 38 years with the only golden rule: 100% artisanal. Each soap is made in the laboratory, labeled natural and without any chemical product. Some of them have many therapeutic virtues, whether to treat psoriasis, eczema, itching or even redness and cellulite. In an era where we are moving away more and more from processed products to favor 100% natural, the French Natural Soap store is a must. The uses are multiple, not limited only to soap itself, the store gives pride of place to deodorants, toothpastes and essential oils, naturally extracted of course. Jean-Charles cuts individually according to demand in order to preserve the natural fragrances of his soaps made in the southwest of France as well as possible for as long as possible. Let us quote for example the soap made from bunches of grapes from Monbazillac, made in Périgord and for all skin types, it is both astringent and toning, is perfectly suitable for oily and problematic skin, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, it regulates excess sebum participating in the appearance of small pimples. Or the strawberry soap champagne, with real strawberries, dried, dehydrated, mixed and incorporated into the preparation that have never been processed, perfect exfoliating thanks to the small seeds of the fruit. And the favorite product, the soap with rose petals… a delight for the skin. _VX

Info: 06 13 50 48 13

Marina Royale - Marigot

Open non-stop from 9 a.m. to 18 p.m.

Instagram: @french_natural_soap

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