MARTIAL ARTS: Aïki Taï Jutsu returns to Saint-Martin


Martijn Tilanus, who has been practicing martial arts since 1994, is relaunching a self-defense martial arts section on the French part of the island.

Practiced in a sport-health concept, accessible to all and without competition, this discipline inspired by several styles of martial arts and harmonization of energies is based on the principle of coordination between attack and defense. Martijn Tilanus, 3rd dan in Aikido (Abe Ryu Style), 2nd dan in Aiki-jiujitsu Gyukute do and 1st dan in Tai-Jitsu ryu, assisted by Cécile Lucidarme who, with 20 years of karate, has the same grade as her partner in tatami, invites the public to discover Aïki Taï Jutsu with a trial session at the dojo of the Caribbean Shidokan de Bellevue in Marigot. Participants who wish to learn self-defense with a touch of traditional Japanese martial art are invited to register for one of the sessions on Tuesday and Thursday from 20:45 p.m. to 22 p.m. or Saturday from 15:30 p.m. to 17 p.m. The sessions are aimed at adults, women and men, and young people from 12 years old. The association needs practitioners in order to become sustainable in this desire to transmit the moral values ​​conveyed by the martial arts such as kindness, humility, loyalty, courage, honor, self-control or even perseverance. . The regular practice of aiki tai jutsu contributes fully to the construction of oneself and to a mental of steel. The tatami is waiting for you. _VX

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