Plastic Arts: After “Irma”, the students of “Victor Schoelcher” express their emotions through drawing!


In agreement with Mrs. Henry, director of the private establishment "Victor Schoelcher" located in Concordia, Marie Mourrefet, professor of Plastic Arts wished to let the pupils of the classes of the 6th to the 3rd express their feelings after the passage Irma "monster" on a drawing sheet or on the support of their choice.

Expressing emotions through drawing can sometimes be easier than using words. The proof in pictures ! _AF


Arthur, class of 6th grade:

03-11-17-Arthur, -class-of-6th









Maxime and Eliott, class of 4th:

03-11-17-Maxime-et-Eliott, -classe-de-4ème






Jade, class of 3rd:

03-11-17-Léo, -class-de-4ème








Faustine, 3rd grade… When your house explodes….

03-11-17-Faustine, -class-of-3rd ...- When-your-house-explodes ...









Jade, class of 3rd

03-11-17-Jade, -class-of-3rd








Alizée, class of 3rd:

03-11-17-Alizée, -class-of-3rd





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