ASSOCIATION: Free distribution of plants at the Amuseum Naturalis


To be ready for the start of the autumn rainy season which is a traditional time for planting in Saint-Martin, the Les Fruits de Mer association is organizing a free distribution of native and heritage plants at the Amuseum Naturalis this Saturday, September 16 from 9 a.m. to noon.

Thanks to the support of Delta Petroleum, a wide variety of native tree seedlings and heirloom plants will be available free of charge to enjoy the growing season. “We have a free plant stand at the Amuseum Naturalis that we fill all year round, but right now is the best time to put these plants in the ground,” explains Jenn Yerkes, president of the Les Fruits de Mer association. The association distributes around 1.000 free seedlings each year, focusing on native tree seedlings and heritage plants such as grass and fruit tree seedlings: “We want to help people create a space for birds and other animals in their garden or neighborhood. We also want to support local plant traditions.” Some of the local tree seedlings include guaiac, broom, croaker, soursop, icaqui and cinnamon apple. Heritage plants include doliprane, large thyme and verbena. Natalia Ayala, Director of Delta Petroleum, is excited to support the free plant program: “At Delta St. Martin, gardening and plant traditions are very important to our employees, families and customers. We love being able to help bring the island to life.” The free plant stand is located directly in front of the Amuseum Naturalis, at The Old House located in Quartier d'Orléans. Visits to the plant stand and museum are free all year round. For a total immersion in Saint-Martin's biodiversity, the public is invited to participate in a self-guided tour, any day of the week. _VX


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