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Many of you are finding and collecting puppies these days. But do you still have the right reflex? 

Many births and discoveries at the moment mean that I think it's time to talk about it. First, if you find a puppy alone in the wild, look carefully, if there are no other puppies or a mom in the same place before moving it. A puppy needs its mother for its milk which protects it from the various viruses which can reach it, often fatal, a puppy can be vaccinated only at the age of 6 weeks. Parvovirosis is making a comeback these days, so it's extremely important to vaccinate a puppy you find. (Besides, our mini refuge does not accept, for hygienic reasons, any unvaccinated puppy).
There you have it, so you saved a puppy from certain death, which is an act of love, and absolutely to your credit. But what about now? You can't keep him and you are trying to get him adopted. On this subject we take the liberty of giving you some advice. Once the puppy you want to place has found a suitable person to adopt it, make sure that person is ready to reimburse you for the vaccine (s) and dewormer, even if you don't mind taking it in. A person who does not accept or cannot, will never be a good family for this dog because they do not see the importance of going to the vet for the reminders of vaccines, the stamp for the heartworm or in case of illness. A dog is not given for free, because a dog costs ... Also be careful when giving a puppy that is very small, think carefully before giving a 6 or 8 week old puppy to families with young children. Be sure that mom will look after the puppy, explaining that it is not a toy. A puppy is fragile and there are so many unintentional accidents. There is still a lot to be said about how to place a puppy. So there is a fenced garden that he cannot escape from, are they ready to have it sterilized and put in a microchip etc. I mentioned the essential points to you. If you are not careful who you entrust a puppy to, you may not have saved it, but gave it a more than uncertain future… I would even say you just got rid of it. Remember that a dog lives 15 years and you are his savior! Thank you to all who do it with love and respect for these little lives ...

Ursula, President of the Association


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