ASSOCIATION / Le Manteau de Saint-Martin: bonding over a meal


Soup, rice, chicken, ribs or salad, this weekend, the beneficiaries of the Coat took advantage of a barbecue day. 

Thus, 46 meals were served to music, before moving on to a recreational moment. The different users were able to participate with the social workers in board games such as dominoes or checkers. A way according to Audrey Gil, director of the association, to “get out of everyday life and create a link”.

As a reminder, the association Le Manteau de Saint-Martin has been working since 1998 with the most precarious. Every summer, this convivial moment around the barbecue remains essential both for the employees and for Audrey Gil to create a bond around a convivial moment. The association Le Manteau provides reception, accommodation, support and integration of people or families experiencing serious difficulties in order to help them access their personal and social autonomy or recover it. _pc

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