ASSOCIATION: Visit of the new president of ALEFPA Daniel Dubois to Saint-Martin


As part of their trip to the Antilles, ALEFPA President Daniel Dubois and General Director Olivier Baron made a stopover in Saint-Martin to meet the team in place and local stakeholders for the development of local projects.

Currently, the ALEFPA-Le Manteau association, directed by Audrey Gil, manages the women's accommodation center in Saint-Martin with a capacity of twelve places, a reception residence (13 places) and a boarding house (7 places). Six apartments are rented in the private and social park and the Manteau association supports many families in their search for accommodation. In 2022, 1440 files were processed by the day reception system, more than 2000 food packages delivered, and around 45 lunches and breakfasts served per day. Recognized as a public utility with 165 establishments nationally, ALEPFA operates in sectors such as medico-social, health, integration or even child welfare for a varied audience, whether in a situation of precariousness or disability. A press conference was held in the association's premises in the presence of, among others, the president of ALEFPA Daniel Dubois and its general director Olivier Baron, Fabien Sésé, secretary general of the Prefecture, Hélène Bride, administrator delegate of ALEFPA in Saint-Martin, and certain associative actors such as the Red Cross, Maison France Victimes and AIDES. The new president of ALEFPA, elected last June, is a man on the ground, a former educator by training, who understands the suffering of users and makes a point of supporting employees in the quality of life at work. He met Louis Mussington, president of the Community, during his visit to discuss the agreement between the two parties and the modalities relating to the rehabilitation of the premises. Fabien Sésé and Daniel Dubois discussed the actions deployed by the local association, ¾ of the funding comes from the State. €800.000 in subsidies were paid to the association to finance the various measures that have become essential. Since the merger with ALEFPA in January 2021, the Le Manteau association has been able to acquire three sites for adapted housing and refine skills in terms of accommodation and support for the population. _VX


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