INSURANCE: Saint-Martin has been recognized 5 times in Cat Nat


Since 1990 (integration of the overseas territories into the Cat Nat regime), five Cat Nat reconnaissance operations have taken place in Saint Martin, including four for floods. There was none for Gonzalo but for the floods and mudslides that occurred three weeks later, in early November 2014.

With the municipalities of Ajoupa Bouillon in Martinique and the COM of Saint-Barth, Saint-Martin is the community which presents the smallest number of Cat Nat recognitions in the Antilles and Reunion where the main risks are similar (Saint-Martin n 'not having volcanic risk). Conversely, the municipality with the most recognitions is Gourbeyre, including 14 for floods.

In Saint-Martin the average frequency of claims (all perils) is estimated between 2 and 5% against often more than 10% in Guadeloupe or Martinique. (

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