Astronomy: An exceptional sky!


On the program for Friday evening, “rain of stars” and Mars more visible and shining than ever.

On Friday in the skies of Saint Martin, we can all witness an unusual spectacle if we are lucky enough to have clear skies. Indeed, every two years, Mars finds itself in opposition. That is, it forms a perfect alignment with the Sun and the Earth. That night, we will have, in addition, a perfect alignment, Sun, Earth, Moon and Mars. Unfortunately, the total lunar eclipse will not be visible from Saint-Martin. On the other hand, even if the planet Mars has been quietly positioned since the beginning of the year, this Friday will be the precise day of the opposition and therefore of the perfect alignment. Mars will therefore be much more visible and recognizable by its red color and its intense sparkle. The icing on the cake, since July 20 the Earth begins to cross the Perseids, a swarm of meteorites which gives rise each year to the famous “star showers” ​​in August. The climax of the phenomenon will occur on August 12, an evening during which you can observe up to 100 shooting stars per hour but we can already observe the stellar vault and attend a magical show. This Friday, do not hesitate to post in open areas, far from artificial lights to observe the waltz of the stars under the benevolent eye of Mars. No need for protection, your eyes are not at risk except perhaps wonder! _NB

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