Another earthquake near the Northern Islands


In four days, two earthquakes were located near the Northern Islands. At the start of the week, an earthquake of magnitude 4,6 on the Richter scale was recorded at 20:18 p.m., identified as tectonic, according to the Volcanological and Seismological Observatory of Guadeloupe (OVSG). The epicenter was located 42 km south-southeast of Saint-Barthélemy, 101 km deep. Last Friday, the earthquake was of magnitude 4,8. In addition, “EU Richter Caribbean 2017” will take place from March 21 to 24. “The earthquake chosen for the scenario of the exercise will be closer to the historical earthquake which devastated Guadeloupe as well as many other islands in the north of the Lesser Antilles arc, on February 8, 1843”, according to the regional prefecture.


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