AVIATION: Guadeloupean Guarik Landry, youngest airline pilot in Europe


Last Thursday, September 14, Guarik Landry, trained at the Aérofutur school in Perpignan, obtained his commercial pilot's license at the age of 18. He now embodies the youngest pilot in Europe to take the control of the largest airliners.

Building on an early career during which Guarik completed his training in one year instead of two, the young pilot made his dream come true: “I grew up next to an airport in Guadeloupe. From my room, I saw the planes take off and land. In kindergarten, I drew planes! » The young enthusiast's vocation was then confirmed when he took an introductory aeronautics certificate: "At high school, I did math and physics to move towards aviation and I obtained the baccalaureate at 17 and a half years old. Before obtaining this diploma, Guarik spent hours on Flight Simulator software and began a private pilot's license. The catch is that you have to be 16 to fly alone. More determined than ever, Guarik decided to wait until he was 17 to obtain this license with 50 hours of flight time on the clock, which he won with flying colors. To become a professional pilot, he needs 150 hours of flight time. His predispositions and qualities allowed him to skip two years of preparatory class for the national civil aviation school but his youth unfortunately did not work in his favor, which earned him an unfavorable opinion. No matter, with the support of his family who pushed him in his professional approach, Guarik went to the Aérofutur school in Perpignan where he successfully completed his year of training, the cost of which was €100.000. For Guarik, the hardest part was not the flight, but the theory. During his qualifying flight on September 14, the young pilot made a journey from Perpignan to Béziers during which the examiners tested his reflexes in the event of incidents such as an engine failure and his dexterity during stalls and turns. large inclination.

At the end of this final flight, Guarik Landry obtained his professional pilot's license: “My goal is now to enter airline or business aviation. I’m going to try in Guadeloupe first.” The young pilot aspires to Air France and the A350. When you want to make your dream come true and you have the will to learn, you can achieve anything. Guarik Landry is the perfect example. Proud of his son’s impeccable career, Guarik’s father confided: “He is also an excellent jazz pianist. This plays on improvisation and independence of hands and feet”, a quality which is not foreign to the talents of an airline pilot. _VX

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