BASKETBALL: The Thunderz LBC champions!



Three wins in as many games, the Thunderz players won the LBC championship title at the expense of their Lightning rivals. Hats off girls!

The Melford Hazel gymnasium at Sucker Garden was sold out last weekend for the third meeting, which was already decisive for the awarding of the LBC title.

The Thunderz team started the game on the hats with a score of 22-2 at the end of the first quarter, Claudia Fleming scoring 12 points. Basketball players from Saint-Martin continue to exert constant pressure on their opponents for a day and increase their lead on the scoreboard.

With twenty points ahead, the coronation is not yet in the pocket but almost.

Certainly, the formation of the Lightning will reduce the score a little but not enough to question the supremacy of the "Jaunes"!

Chantel Hodge inscribed a nice three-point basket to seal the fate of the meeting. Final score: 58 to 40!

Joyette Lloyd's teammates can let their joy burst. They have just won the coveted title of LBC champions.

The Thunderz club would like to thank all of their fans for their support throughout the playoffs. _AF

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