Beach Tennis: The Saint-Martin residents win the victory in Saint-Barth


Last weekend, the talents of Saint-Martin shone at the BT 250 beach tennis tournament in Saint-Barthélemy.

At the end of the competition, the duo Fanny Rollet and Charlotte Martinez, young U14 talent from the KKO Beach Tennis club, vice-champion of Guadeloupe and 4th in the French championships, won the victory in the women's category. Fanny Rollet also leaves with the trophy in mixed doubles thanks to an impeccable game with her partner Laurent de Laval, player of Ouanalao of Saint-Barth. The two athletes faced Mathieu Fereira and Hanae Antonetti. Remember also that Fanny Rollet is a bronze medalist at the sand games that took place in Colombia last November. The victories are linked, to the great pleasure of all.

Congratulations to these players whose remarkable and remarkable performances are the pride of the whole population, in particular the KKO Beach Club, which pushes them to strive for excellence while keeping the pleasure of the game intact. _VX

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