Soon the start of work at the Ehpad


During the launch of Blue Week on Monday, the president of Ehpad Bethany Home gave an update on the reconstruction site of the establishment. The building was damaged by Irma thus disrupting operation. For example, the roof has been impacted, which limits the accommodation capacity.

“We currently have four roof rooms that are unusable, making a total of seven beds. This means that in 2018 we will welcome around 40 residents while we will be able to accommodate XNUMX.

We limit entries because of the roofing and framing work that must be carried out, ”commented Annette Philips, regional councilor and president of the Ehpad.

The works which consist of the renovation of the roofs, the consolidation of certain elements of the frame as well as the masonry operations in the kitchen, must begin "in the wake" of a first site meeting which took place on Wednesday.

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