Mist of sand: be careful it comes back


There is a significant area of ​​sand mist to the east of our islands.

Since yesterday the mist of sand had faded and this morning the weather was clear as usual.

Unfortunately the satellite photos tell us that a new important area of ​​sand mist is heading towards the West Indian arc.

According to our estimates we should be in "fog" again this afternoon.



For sensitive populations: People who recognize themselves as sensitive during pollution peaks and / or whose symptoms appear or are amplified during peaks (for example: people with diabetes, immunocompromised people, people suffering from neurological conditions or at cardiac, respiratory or infectious risk.

In case of respiratory or cardiac discomfort, take advice from a health professional,

Choose shorter trips and those that require the least effort,

Take advice from your doctor to find out if your medical treatment should be adapted if necessary,

Avoid traveling on major highways and their surroundings, during peak periods,

Avoid intense physical and sports activities (including competitions), both outdoors and indoors,

Postpone the activities that require the most effort. For young people (0 to 6 years old), schoolchildren, middle school students and high school students:

Prohibit outdoor sports activities in primary and secondary schools

For young children, ban outdoor and indoor sports activities.

For the general population:

Reduce intense physical and sports activities (including competitions)

In case of respiratory or cardiac discomfort, take advice from a health professional.


Find out about air quality in the region on the Gwad'Air website: www.gwadair.fr,

Additional health recommendations are made available on the website of the regional health agency of Guadeloupe: www.guadeloupe.ars.sante.fr


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