"It's making waves", the new music video by Saint-Martin artist K-BLING!


K-BLING aka SwaliIam is a Saint-Martin artist, author, composer, performer influenced by the Afro-Caribbean music scene. He has just released his new music video “it makes waves”. To watch and listen to without moderation! 

It all started for him in 2002, a sheet and a pen and now the long-awaited moment of the day could begin. The years passed and writing would become a habit, followed by meetings with his future friends, who like to talk about music like him or who already make music and with whom he will make his first collaborations. This will give him the opportunity to meet in the studio and record his very first Rap song "Hustle Hard". Having been part of several groups such as "OD2H / SwaliGang", several encounters will be decisive for him for the Sound system, the freestyles, the competitions...

 Seeking to be more productive, he will learn to mix and will buy a home studio for this purpose. The song "Belong to you" will be his very first track to be played on local radio, a rather sensual dance hall track.

Today after a rebranding and a new team to support him, K-BLING the multi-faceted artist is back in 2022 with rhythmic and melodious titles. _AF

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