CADISCO: Drive easy with the "Free Auto Diagnosis" operation!


Last Saturday, at Cadisco station in Nettle Bay, motorists were invited to have their vehicle checked as part of the “Free Auto Diagnosis” operation, organized in partnership with the Dubern garage and Cyphoma.

"Building on the success encountered last year, we decided to renew our operation with motorists on the island," said Valentin Roesch, marketing manager at Cadisco. “At our side, Nicolas Dubern is always present to take stock of each vehicle, whatever the brand. Thirty checkpoints are thus achieved ”.

At the end of the meticulous control carried out by the professionals, each motorist thus resumes the road with a complete report of the diagnosis, the adjusted levels and a form of tranquility at the wheel!

Note that the "Free Auto Diagnostic" operation continues on Saturday June 17 at Cadisco station in Sandy-Ground and on Saturday June 24 at Orient Bay! _AF


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