Flat calm for chickenpox in Saint Martin 


In Saint-Martin, varicella consultations are few, according to the latest epidemiological bulletin from the Regional Health Agency (ARS) Guadeloupe / Iles du Nord. For week 39, the estimated weekly number in city medicine is lower than the maximum values ​​expected for the season, totaling 8 cases. On the other hand in Saint-Barthélemy, the situation is closely followed: "The activity linked to chickenpox is increasing in town medicine and exceeds the maximum values ​​expected for the season for two consecutive weeks." The ARS also published the 2016 assessment: "A slight increase in chickenpox was observed at the beginning of this year (...) the last epidemics date back to 2015 for Saint-Barthélemy and 2014 for Saint-Martin." _EH

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