Animal sterilization campaign: 251 operations in 5 days!


The dog and cat sterilization campaign initiated for the second time by the American association 4 Leaf Rover took place from May 6 to 10 next to the Cay Hill veterinary clinic in Sint Maarten.

At the end of this major low-cost sterilization campaign ($25 per animal) led by Dr. Eddy Lee, the association wanted to salute the commitment of local actors: “Even if we are tired, we are also more than grateful to the wonderful island volunteers who support our efforts.” By counting the number of operations carried out during the 2023 and 2024 campaigns, 4 Leaf Rover will have sterilized 540 animals on the territory (more dogs than cats this year), thanks to a team of 9 veterinarians and assistants trained in the United States. United, strengthened by local actors and supported by local sponsors. And despite the intensity of the 5 days of campaigning, 4 Leaf Rover also managed to save several animals including Maarten, a sick stray adult dog, who will now live his best life in Alabama. Animal sterilization campaigns continue on the French side with the I Love My Island Dog association. _VX


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