Carnival 2016: three weeks of celebration in Saint-Martin!


The final 2016 carnival program and the official poster for the event were presented to the media last Wednesday by the team of the Carnival Festivities of Saint-Martin (FCDSM) association at the CCISM in Concordia. Various activities - parades, concerts and miss competitions - await the population from January 22 to February 10, 2016.

It is with a certain pride that the members of the association Festivities carnavalesques de Saint-Martin (FCDSM) unveiled the official programming of the 2016 carnival. On this occasion, the association thanked the various troupes, schools, the population. , the Community and its partners for their support. "We are counting on the participation of everyone so that the 2016 carnival is a unifying event (...) the team fights every year to set up a carnival", indicates Jean-Philippe Richardson, the president of the association, in presence of his team, Grégoire Dumel, responsible for the local and regional market at the Tourist Office, and Wendel Cocks, 3rd Vice-President of the Collectivity in charge of the Economic Development Pole. Carnival is a must-see cultural event in Saint-Martin, with significant economic benefits. “We produced flyers in June to promote it. We distributed them to travel agencies and in the various lounges during our travels (…) Today, 70% to 80% of hotel rooms are occupied during this period, ”explains Grégoire Dumel.

Here are some dates for Carnival 2016:

 Friday 22 January: official launch of the carnival on the seafront at 19 p.m. in Marigot

 Sunday January 24: election of "Miss Pitchounette" and "Miss mini Reine" in the village at 16 p.m., in Galisbay

 Sunday January 31: children's parade at 14 p.m. in Marigot

 Thursday February 4: village opening at 20 p.m. with a free concert, in Galisbay

 Sunday February 7: Fat Sunday parade at noon in Marigot

 Tuesday February 9: mardi gras parade at noon in Marigot

For more information, please contact the association on 06 90 22 96 15.

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