CCISM / Angèle Dormoy: "Saint-Martin remains a land where we continue to undertake and invest"


The President of the CCISM, Angèle Dormoy, with by her side the director, Julien Bataille, the administrative and business support manager, Luciana Raspail and the communication officer, Bahia Yacine presented last Wednesday her wishes to the institutional partners, local elected officials, economic actors and entrepreneurs, elected members of the CCISM as well as the press. The opportunity for Angèle Dormoy to take stock of the year 2022 and to discuss the prospects for 2023.

"2022 has been the year of a form of renewal, 5 years after IRMA, 2 years after COVID and while war is at Europe's doorstep, our Sweet Saint Martin Land remains attractive for visitors, it remains also a land where we continue to undertake and invest.

In 2022, we accompanied and supported these 8 companies, active or new, in all sectors. We have trained more than a hundred new creators or buyers, we have brought 000 managers to certification by HEC Paris, we have supported 11 entrepreneurs through the CARE unit, we have welcomed several dozen project leaders in professionalizing courses that we created from scratch.

In 2022, we have also intensified our network work, first nationally at the level of CCI France, CMA France and the network of Chambers of Agriculture; then closer to home, I think I can say that we have never been so involved in the partnership reflections for the sustainable economic development of Saint-Martin: with the State on the subjects of training, the public employment service and national support for businesses; with the Collectivity then, on training still, learning, the development of blue and green economies, etc. We work with the FEDOM, with the Association of Overseas CCIs (ACCIOM) of which we are currently Secretary until 2024. We adhere to other more specific networks such as the OHADAC Regional Arbitration Center in order to prevent commercial conflicts; or such as CARICHAM, the Caribbean network of CCIs.

These networks and working groups are all places for discussion and sharing from which we draw valuable lessons and good practices that can sometimes be directly transposed into our economy.

Finally, in 2022 we represented, with great success I must say, our agricultural sector at the International Agricultural Show, we highlighted our craftsmen and restaurateurs with the second edition of our SPOTLIGHT trade show, we co-hosted the Caravan of Employment, the Training Forum, the Student Orientation and Mobility Fair, we participated in the CCINERGIES, the COIREMA biennial, or the European Disabled Employment Week and many other events, always with the aim of representing our economic fabric and calling out to interlocutors and partners about our successes and our difficulties...


"We will always be the receptacle of your requests and the producer of adapted solutions"

Let's now talk about what we can do together in 2023. Of course, we will renew the meaningful actions for our companies: we will propose an event on the theme of digital at the end of January with the E-WEEK END; there will be the Salon de l'Agriculture at the end of February; we will celebrate women entrepreneurs in March; there will be the Joli Mois de l'Europe in May; there will also be the 3rd edition of our now famous SPOTLIGHT in June to which we are thinking of adding the Road To Business seminar, there will still be the return of our Agricultural Fair Soualifest in November.

We will intensify our actions to train creators and managers and to improve the skills of their teams; for apprenticeship among the youngest thanks to the balance of the apprenticeship tax that we are now authorized to collect; we are going to professionalize the exercise of public procurement both on the side of buyers and on the side of companies, to promote professional integration, sustainable development, corporate social and environmental responsibility, short circuits, etc.; we will increasingly densify the professional sectors and trade associations; we will increase the agricultural potential by structuring trades and a modern offer to lead the ecological transition of the sector; we will set up the Fisheries Committee, and the rural code aims at us as a leader in this matter  ; we will open our first business incubator in the heart of Quartier d'Orléans; we will go to schools to inculcate corporate culture and professional posture in our children; we will expand our service offering by renewing the Admin'Bossy workshops and by creating the new Expert'Ease format which will bring together accounting and legal professionals.

I will also mention our growing projects such as the City of Taste and Flavors: we are currently building up a documentary fund on the endemic species that we find in our dishes and cocktails such as Guavaberry, Plantain, Carambola and even Soursop. At the same time, we will deploy training actions in the culinary arts, by joining forces, as we did with HEC for trades in commerce, with the expertise of major consular schools.

The Garden project also has an educational vocation which will soon be the showcase for our Chamber of Agriculture and the setting for our finest events.

As you will have understood, the CCISM masters its action, knows its businesses and invests all its expertise with responsibility and ambition.

In 2023 we will also be vigilant: as you know, business formalities are now carried out directly online. Do not believe that we are abandoning our businesses and that our public service will disappear. Quite the contrary. Over the past two years, we have anticipated this transition and allowed our formalities center to evolve into a support and support center to continue to reassure our entrepreneurs and guarantee the proper follow-up of their procedures by always being more, the proximity contact.

You also know that we are emerging from one crisis to enter another. Inflation is and will remain strong. We will be attentive to the measures taken (tariff shield, extension of deadlines, etc.) so that they no longer or as little as possible have the deleterious effects that we sometimes experience. The price of professional fuel is already causing problems for our fishermen who have already spoken; the same goes for the price of animal feed for breeders; bakers and restaurateurs are received at Bercy… who's next?

For all these subjects, I repeat, the CCISM is in the best position to provide companies with all the advice and all the possible solutions. Consular networks are powerful and listen to government and ministries. Do not deprive us of it, Community and State Services in Saint-Martin; don't deprive yourself of it, you, the merchants, the craftsmen, the carriers of goods, the bus and taxi drivers, the restaurateurs and hoteliers, and so on. Share with us your visions, your impulses, your ambitions! We will always be close to you. We will always be the receptacle of your requests and the producer of adapted solutions.

I wish you all a prosperous and fruitful year 2023! _AF


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