CCISM: Sargassum crisis meeting


At the initiative of the Métimer association and the CCISM, entrepreneurs exposed to sargassum strandings are invited to a meeting on Saturday, at 9:30 am, to discuss their difficulties, at the Maison des entreprises, in Concordia. 

During this meeting on the theme “Evaluation of the economic impact of Sargassum strandings”, entrepreneurs will be able to present their problems and learn more about the existing support systems. On October 7, a delegation from the CCISM went to meet business leaders in difficulty, particularly in the Cul-de-Sac and Orient Bay sectors. The chamber then decided to provide disaster-stranded contractors with a sheet allowing them "to be identified, to better understand their difficulties and to quantify the economic impact of these strandings". The objective of these files, to be submitted to the CCISM before October 21, is to "support the CCI Saint-Martin's approach to the public authorities to obtain proportionate compensation", specifies the chamber.

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