“# ClichéContreCliché”: a photo contest for Instagramers 


To your goals! Last month, the Secretary of State for the City, Hélène Geoffroy, launched the # ClichéContreCliché operation: a photography competition - also open for overseas territories - whose objective is to "change the image of neighborhoods ". To take part, you must have a non-private Instagram account since the photos will be published on the social network under the hashtag # ClichéContreCliché.

Creativity, the aesthetics of the pictures and the relevance in relation to the theme of the competition are the three evaluation criteria, according to the rules. This competition, whose aim is to enhance the heritage, is open until March 15. An exhibition of the best shots will be organized at the Philharmonie de Paris. For more information, see the following site: www.jeunes.gouv.fr. _EH


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