Club de Gym Saint-Martin: A year-end show and a beautiful inter-club competition!


It is with immense pride that the Club de Gym Saint-Martin presented its end-of-year show last Friday, followed the day after the inter-club competition, Alyssa Chabot, the youngest competitor with the highest score of the competition.

The Saint-Martin Gym Club put the little dishes into the big ones last weekend on the occasion of the presentation of its end-of-year show, without forgetting the inter-club competition organized in stride.

All the sections were thus put forward, the objective being to make discover all the progress made during the year by these young gymnasts.

It was also an opportunity to congratulate the good work put in place by the educators and volunteers (Audrey, Fabienne and Roberta, Célia, Kéona, Maélle, Thibauld and Maloé). 

Congratulations to the whole team for this GYM TOP weekend! _AF


• Here is the prize list of the inter-club competition:

"Youth" course

• 7 years:

1ère Thais Farlot

2ème Leane Renaud

3ème Rotalia richardson

• 8 years:

1ère Alizee Houte

2ème Adysson simon

3ème Satin Rico bellenfant

Note the excellent service provided by Alizée Houte, author of a flawless 

on uneven bars! well done champion…

Federal B 

• 7/8 years:

1ère Alyssa Chabot

2ème  Naila Boucaud

3ème  Danielle Hodge

• 9 years:

1ère Millie Marchisella

2ème Kassy  Jean-Alphonse

3ème Laureleen Sainval

• 10 years:

1ère Romy Noyerie

2ème Taniwha Steele Lauga 

3ème Sofia belvilacqua

• 11 years: 

1ère Naia benamo

2ème Corentine Corroy

3ème Fabiana Walwyn

• 12 years:

1ère Anne Kingma

2ème Ornella minnini

3ème Amira Soljour

• 13 and over:

1ère   Maelle Soljour

2ème Triana Froissart

3ème Linda Morrisseau

• To note may all gym classes continue until next June 27.

• For the next school year, the club will offer a new GR gymnastics activity (ribbons, hoops, etc.) at Bellevue and Hope Estate.

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