COM-LADOM: Towards a strengthened partnership


On Tuesday, December 6, President Aline HANSON received at the Hôtel de la Collectivité, Messrs Florus NESTAR, General Manager of LADOM and Raoul LEBRAVE, Regional Director of LADOM. For the two partners, it was a question of taking stock of their actions within the framework of the devices relating to mobility and of evoking the agreement which will soon be signed between the COM and LADOM. The objective of this meeting was to lay the new foundations for a future collaboration, in particular in the perspective of the evolution of the Reception Information Orientation (AIO) service of the community, in Local Mission. The need for mobility devices is beyond doubt for the two partners, as they respond to the concerns of the territory, in particular on questions of vocational training, by overcoming its structural shortcomings. The president clearly expressed the community's interest in this device. She made specific requests to the Director General, notably concerning assistance to athletes and candidates for national competitions. The signing of an agreement which will enact all these mechanisms is scheduled for the end of February 2017. However, from January 2017, the document will be finalized to clarify the principles of the partnership already in force for 8 years. The partnership between LADOM and the Collectivity of Saint-Martin will thus be able to continue in a more formalized framework, with consideration of the grievances and specificities of the territory, in accordance with LADOM's fields of competence.

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