Public order: "small arrangements can no longer continue"


The public order services within the Collectivity did not function as they should have, precisely in full respect of the rules and the laws. Christine Ayache, the director general of services (DGS) did not say it directly but let it be understood during a recent press conference. “Things cannot go on like this any longer. (…) Before 2017, we paid under various aids. (…)

Small arrangements can no longer continue ”. So many observations that she distilled in her speech justifying her action.

Recruited in September 2019 to set up an internal organization of the COM, Christine Ayache set about building "a new base" from a new organization chart in consultation with the unions. The public order department has not escaped reform. "Before, we had the financial department with that of public procurement, but you cannot be judge and party, so we split these two departments", she explains.

Another project put in place is that of learning methods since contracts were not always drawn up in accordance with the rules, public procurement did not systematically meet legal criteria, and certain documents were never requested from suppliers. This is the main reason why the new Paying Treasurer refused to pay some of them, and why they then ceased to provide the services. In the end, nearly 140 contracts (new projects and renewal of services) were waiting to be correctly drafted last year.

The COM was supported in this restructuring by the French development agency (AFD) which provided technical support and a consulting firm. “As we did not have the means to produce these markets independently, we were helped,” explains the DGS, whose objective is to gradually move towards this autonomy.

One of the main stages is the training of agents and for some to admit this questioning of their skills.

“I am not competent because I am… You have to prove that you are, that you deserve this position. (...) There are two ways to move forward, to progress: either we recognize that we must improve and we accept to learn, or we refuse but in this case, we will have to accept the sanctions that will be taken as a result ”, designs the DGS. (


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